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“I truly believe the body has the innate ability to heal itself. I have spent most of my life listening to what others have to say, but it wasn’t until I began listening with my heart that my true healing began. Through training and life experience I have learned to trust my intuition; using my eyes, ears and hands I tune into the energy flowing through an individual. My intention is to help restore the natural flow of energy for my clients by actively supporting their developing self-awareness. I believe the answers are within each of us and would love to be of assistance on the journey of awakening your truth

This is what 18 years of experience holding space with clients has taught me

It has always been my vision to create a safe, non-judgemental healing space. A space to relax and release what no longer serves you, allowing you to embrace a deeper connection to the stillness within. Whether online or in person I am focused on creating a space where my clients feel seen, heard, and free to stand strong in their sovereignty. I invite you to remember and explore your inner world.


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