Kathie Heasler Be You

Intuitive Massage (in person)

Primarily a touch based manual therapy incorporating massage with reflex pressure point techniques an intuitive massage also brings together components of energy-based healing. 

An Intuitive massage is primarily a hands on deeply relaxing session that incorporates components of energy healing.  Sessions involve the use of all-natural cold pressed organic coconut oil. Aromatherapy essential oils can be added if requested.

An intuitive massage offers you an opportunity to relax, reduce pain, and release old patterns. You can also benefit from:

Relief from emotional and physical discomfort
Strengthened immune system
Anti-inflammatory effects of joints
Deepening sense of inner exploration
Refreshing sleep-wake patterns
Detoxification of muscle tissue and fascia
Decrease in drying effects of aging


With an intuitive massage I address your body’s subtle rhythms from which I sense what you need at that moment. While held in a space of non-judgemental stillness, I place trust in my inner knowing to guide us. The experience is facilitated through: touch, vision and listening to the patterns of energy flowing through you. Through this process your body’s systems begin to resolve patterns of strain, releasing blockages to overall health.

Prepay for 4 sessions and save %10