Ear Candling

Primarily an energy-based healing tool, ear candling encourages flow through existing passageways while strengthening health capacity on many levels, including:

  • Improvement of hearing and balance
  • Harmonization of endocrine and limbic systems
  • Reduction of inner stress and calmer effects from flight-fight state

For an ear candling session, you are positioned lying on your side with neck and head nestled amongst pillows and towels arranged in a comfortable and supportive manner. Composed of layers of beeswax-soaked cloth the candle is placed in the outer ear canal balanced to 90 degrees, approximately, and lit. After taking every necessary preparation and precaution for our safety the application of relaxation and therapeutics begins. With tissues surrounding the ear canal sufficiently warmed I massage the areas around the shoulder, neck and face. The gentle manoeuvres, purposely directed, support drainage of accumulated lymph and leave you feeling highly comforted. I also work the reflex points on your hand to further the movement of lymph and improve healing. Once having burned for an efficient duration the candle is removed and I have you move position then we set up with a new candle and begin to bring warmth and balance to your opposite ear.

Although ear wax is reportedly found in the waxy stubbed portion left behind at the completion of a treatment, your ear candling session does not depend on any vacuum related aspects to accomplish this and many of the following amazing benefits:

  • Cleared sinus congestion
  • Relief from vertigo or dizziness
  • Prevention and reduction of many types of headaches
  • Boosted immune system

Note:  Results can vary from individual to individual. Ear candling is not a medical procedure. Should a client understand they suffer a hearing related issue and/or other conditions pertaining to problems within their exterior and/or middle ear canal Kathie Heasler Be You recommends they consult a western allopathically trained physician.