Kathie Heasler Be You

Intuitive Energy Healing (Online)

Within an Intuitive Energy Healing session I address your body’s subtle rhythms from which I sense what you need at that moment. While held in a space of non-judgemental stillness, I place trust in my inner knowing to guide us. The experience is facilitated through a non-touch/distance connection where I envision and listen to the patterns of energy flowing through you. The act of focusing on your body’s systems begins to resolve patterns of strain, releasing blockages to overall health.

An Intuitive Energy Healing can be received online via Zoom Call (or similar platform). During a session you have the choice of either being seated or lying down. The practice of Intuitive Energy Healing can involve balancing chakras, drawing assistance from spiritual specialists, and be combined with several energetic-based modalities tailored to meet your needs, as follows:


Reiki – Founded in Japan, this spiritual work incorporates channelled symbols, and mantras combined with hands-on as well as non-touch Reiki “Universal Life Energy” directed through the practitioner for your healing and overall wellbeing.

Akashic Records Clearing

This is a powerful session focused on releasing old belief systems, agreements and whatever no longer serves you!

Whether experienced individually or as part of a group an Akashic Records Clearing Session can bring balance and healing to your present lifetime. Sessions involve accessing the Akashic Records which are a history of your soul from the beginning of time to the end of time. Every Akashic Records Clearing Session begins by my asking your higher self (which is a greater extension of who you are) for permission to work with my guides. Through the Akashic Records pertaining to this lifetime I work in conjunction with your higher self and my guides for your highest benefit.  Together we clear whatever comes up during your session that no longer serves you.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy – Foundation of this modality is based upon the spinal fluids interfacing with what is termed The Breath of Life, a dynamic energy co-ordinator responsible for containing and managing the many levels, rhythms, pulsations, and patterns within your body.

Through an Intuitive Energy Healing session, you may experience:

• Feeling more relaxed and centered
• Reduction of physical pain and discomfort
• Easing of long held belief patterns
• Deeper sense of inner exploration
• Release from negative self-talk
• Confirmation and/or renewal of life purpose

To further your healing you can expect to receive coaching and homework for personal use at the end of your session.

Intuitive Energy Healing – 60min