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Intuitive Energy Healing

A deeply restorative and healing session that invites you to relax and release on a physical as well as an emotional and spiritual level. An Intuitive Energy Healing session is similar to an intuitive massage except in this case you receive the session fully clothed. In order to address your needs each session incorporates a variety of energetic based modalities including:

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapya subtle yet profoundly gentle approach that utilizes the human body’s natural ability to heal itself.  With a light touch, I support the natural and fluid systems of the body re-establish balance all physically, mentally and emotionally.

Polarity Therapy – is a tactile form of energetic bodywork combined with energetic food awareness, energy exercises, and personal awareness. For your session you may receive a range of light, to medium or even a deep touch. Tingling, warm, wavelike movements are signs that you are becoming aware of the subtle energy changes. Health building tools may be discussed after a session.

Therapeutic Touch – Developed in the 1970s, it is a non-contact healing energy modality, the practitioner lays hands on  parts of your body and by making passes through your energy field without touching you. Promotes healing, reduces pain and anxiety.



Akashic Records Healing – During your session I connect with your higher self and my guides. Together we create the intention to assist you in deepening into your heart space, and releasing what no longer serves you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Chakra Balancing – Due to daily stresses and pressures our chakras or vortexes of energy can become stagnant or imbalanced.  By balancing your chakaras we clear blockages and realign your bio-energetic system, so you begin to feel more in harmony with life.

Reiki – promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety while encouraging a consistent flow of energy within the body.

Note: May also include Reflexology

Through an Intuitive Energy Healing (Touch Based) session you can experience:
• Feeling more relaxed and centered
• Reduction of physical pain and discomfort
• Easing of long held belief patterns
• Deeper sense of inner exploration
• Release from negative self-talk
• Confirmation and/or renewal of life purpose

For additional benefit you can receive healing, clearing and grounding through use of crystals and tuning forks during your session. To further your healing, you may receive coaching and suggestions to help assist you on your healing journey at the end of your session.

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