Akashic Records Healing Session                           (via Zoom Call)

– Individual

This is a powerful session focused on releasing old belief systems, agreements and whatever no longer serves you!

First let me explain that the Akashic Records are a history of your soul from the beginning of time to the end of time. Every Akashic Records Healing Session begins by my asking your higher self (which is a greater extension of who you are) for permission to work with my guides. Through the Akashic Records pertaining to this lifetime I work in conjunction with your higher self and my guides for your highest benefit. Together we clear whatever comes up during your session that no longer serves you. If you feel called to book a session, I highly recommend you come to your Akashic Records Healing Session with an open mind.


An Akashic Records Healing Session can be a beautiful, life-changing experience that can include:

  • A lasting sense of relief from painful burdens
  • Feeling more relaxed and centered in the core of your being
  • Greater awareness on a soul level
  • A deeper understanding of your spiritual gifts
  • More openness to receiving love and appreciation
  • Feeling like you received a boost to your confidence
  • Clearing & balancing of your Chakras and energetic pathways

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Akashic Records Healing Session                           (via Zoom Call)

– Group

These powerful group clearing sessions have all the elements of an individual session, meaning that they are individually oriented, but other clients are present throughout the session. If you are feeling called to be part of the group sessions but are concerned about the degree of privacy, and unsure about what a session entails, I invite you to join us for your first complimentary group Akashic Records Clearing Session today.


Ask me how you can receive a complimentary Akashic Records Healing session – support@kathieheaslerbeyou.com